Monday, 8 November 2010

new ceramics & mosaic courses with Marit ammerud & Anne CArdwell

This blog will report the progress of the students through their three week course, which started on November the 5th and watch how their first ceramic mosaic takes shape.

Marit Ammerud has come to run the course and first of all we look at some of her work. It’s gorgeous, we are so impressed and inspired by her skills. Marit talks to the group about what they can achieve in the next 2 hours, demonstrating on the materials that she has prepared in advance, how to apply texture and imprints to the surface of the clay and how blending and layering of colours can be achieved. We are lucky to benefit from Marit’s many years of experience, she has lot of interesting techniques to show us; everyone is very enthusiastic and are just dying to get started.

The option is either to make random shapes and decide what they will become later or plan in advance what to make, but most students have already decided what they are hoping to create, a mouse, a cat, a dragonfly, birds, flowers and waves are all being assembled. The next two hours pass so quickly, the clay has already been rolled and dried to leather soft, perfect for receiving imprints.

At the end of the session everyone has a collection of shapes which will be bisque fired before next week, then we will apply some more colours before it is glazed, week three we make them into a mosaic - watch this blog to follow the progress.

If you are interested in our next mosaic/ceramic course early 2011 please email at and we will let you know the dates.

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