Monday, 18 October 2010

new mosaic art classes

This weekend was the second in our new mosaic studio home in Newport. Our mosaic studio has just been open for just 6 weeks, as yet for very limited hours. I am continuing the courses that I started 5 years ago, but now we can offer much more space, a bigger range of materials and a place to display our own work. In addition we have a small 'store' where mosaicers can see and buy some special treat tiles - for people like me who are magpies drawn to all that glitters!

A day starts with a talk by Anne Cardwell, (thats me!) - Ill guides you through the many materials available for the process of making a mosaic. There is quick guide to cutting and laying techniques, advice on how to approach a composition and what bases and adhesives work for different situations. In fact everything I was I had known when I started, things that take a long time to work out for yourself are all helpfully collated onto a full colour print out, as well as the suppliers we use.

These are two pieces that were made by students this weekend, one is based on an Emma Biggs design, the other just the students own drawing. Both students were completely new to the art of mosaics and were incredibly pleased with their first mosaic.

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